Friday, 5 September 2008

New Taggers Kit 'Gothik Vampyre' and AddOn Freebie!

I haven't been in a position to do much scrapping and PSP since my cat Ash was badly savaged by a vicious dog at the end of June. Thanks to the prayers, healing vibes etc. from all over the world Ash has made an amazing recovery.
However I have had an unbelievable ongoing nightmare with the people who failed to keep the animal under control, the Police have been a complete waste of space, it seems they would rather side with lying drinking drugging criminals than good honest folks these days. I have been very unwell as a result of all this, and have the extra worry of having to find the money for a huge vets bill etc. etc. but I've hung on, sometimes by a very fine thread, and am now working with the housing association to get these monsters and their dog evicted, and it's looking good ;) I haven't given up trying to get them to pay up either!!!
My new kit is called Gothik Vampyre, I loved making it, and it's a mixture of Gothic elegance and some real fun dark-humoured stuff, and I think you'll find that the gold I've add to the the usual red and black Goth theme will blend beautifully with your Autumn/Fall/ Halloween tags. Hope you like it and get lots of use from it. As usual no actions or scripts were used, and a little of my own photography is included in the papers. I turned a recess on an outside wall of a Cathedral (better not say which one,lmao) into a spooky gothic vault, hehe!!
I have made an AddOn Freebie for your tagging pleasure, you can download it from Digital Chaos, or from 4 shared , link below with preview, plz leave some love when you download.
pssssst !!!!! It's worth going to Digital Chaos to download it, new freebies and PTU kits from the other designers are being added all the time!!!

The full kit is available to purchase from DIGITAL CHAOS
for only $3.50 and is packed with all this:

16 papers 800x800 pixels in .jpg format

34 elements in .png format

1 double black rose
2x single roses
2x spiked bat brads
2x bloodstained aged scrolls
3x satin bows
1 chained heart
1 wingedheart
3x stone crosses
3x skullwreath crosses
2x doodles, spiders and bone-crosses
2x satin drapes
2x spider webs
2x pearlbrooches
1 coffin frame
2x round bat frames
2x leather and pearl frames
3x wrought iron corner swirls

All made in PSP X2, no scripts or actions used. Please remember to read and respect my TOU, thanks!!
Hugs Kathy xxx


and here is the Freebie, enjoy!!
Download HERE



  1. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Sep [LA 01:20am, NY 03:20am, UK 08:20am, OZ 06:20pm] ).

  2. I am sorry to hear about the attack on Ash. Obviously, you live next to people that should not own animals at it sound like they are animals. We love all your kits and are looking forward to doing something for Howl & Scream with your Gothik Vampyre. It looks very scarey!

  3. I am horrified to read about the attack on poor Ash but so pleased he has made a good recovery. It must have been such an awful time for you. My Mum wants to suggest that you could also ask for the support of the RSPCA and get them on side in your fight to get those grim buggers evicted.

    Your kits are beautiful. Best wishes to you in your fight!

  4. Sorry to hear about Ash. I live in Michigan, in the United States. Our state has a leash law that says any animal that enters another's property and attacks another (mainly people, then they evaluate the attack on other animals), that animal is almost always put down (killed). The owner has to pay the expense of putting their animal down and any vet or medical bills incurred by the victims. A dog in a fence isn't considered contained since dogs can climb fences. It must be on a leash when outdoors. You might be able to research how other places and how they handle it and bring it to your local government. A dog can be a lethal weapon when provoked, abused or neglected.

    Thanks for the great freebie.

  5. Thank-you all for your lovely comments about my kits, but mostly , huge hugs and purrs from me and Ash for your support.
    Don't worry, I'm doing everything I need to do, and gathering support from all sides, including our Member of Parliament.
    I would be upset if someone attacked me , but NO-ONE hurts my cats.
    Lots of love and hugs and purrs,
    Kathy,Ash Tizzy and Ziggy xxx

  6. Thank you SO much for this freebie hon!!

    By the way you have been awarded on my blog darlin' go there to check it out *HUGS

    aka your Lady Snowflake

  7. Awesome kit - I grabbed the add on!

    Also, letting you know you have an award at my blog:


  8. Hello honey,
    Have a AWARD for you in my blog!!