Friday, 30 May 2008

Frames Freebie

Sorry things have been quiet here, My health hasn't been good again, but I'm back with a little freebie for you, and it's also a little taster of the flavour of my next kit!! ;)
If you haven't popped into Digital Chaos recently, there is lots of new stuff, including an awesome new kit, in 2 parts, by Yarrow☺.
Enjoy the freebie, and I hope to be back soon with my new kit,lol!
Hugs xxx
Download HERE


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I've been tagged!!

Ooh, isn't this exciting, hehe? I 've been tagged by Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps ☺ and Fi of Fi's Fault Scraps
thanks girls!!
Here is what you do if you've been tagged....

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK let's see ....
1. My long blonde hair is completely natural.
2. I used to ride a big (1200cc) motorcycle before I got sick.
3. I hated computers with a vengeance until just over 3 years ago,lol.
4. I believe in the power of Nature to heal and balance.
5. I accept it as a compliment if I'm told I'm weird, hehe!
6. I couldn't do anything arty until I discovered PSP 16 months ago.
7. I've had many careers including schoolteacher, research scientist, and pub landlady!!!

... and here are the great blogs I'm tagging back, I'll try not to get repeats, but I'm pretty new to Blogland!

1.Yarrow @ Fall3n AngelScrapz
2.CP @ Creations by Chaos Priestess
3. Bluey @ Blue Dream Designs
4. Rob @ Exquisite Designs Photos
5. Kirsty @ Kirsty's Box of Scraps
6. Lori @ Doodles from my Noodle
7. Shawna @ Scrap Stuff with PSP

Hugs Kathy xxx

Monday, 19 May 2008

Freebie AddOn for Satin Grunge

As promised here is a freebie for you, the AddOn to my new kit. I really had fun making this☺, I hope you enjoy using it just as much!!
The store will soon be back up and running at 100% for you to purchase the full kit ;) meanwhile you can grab this from 4shared. Please leave some love when you download, and please remember to share my blog link, not my 4shared link if you pass it on.
Hugs and thanks
Kathy xxx
Download HERE or HERE


♥New Kit ♥ - Satin Grunge

I have a great new kit for your tagging pleasure!! I wasn't sure where I was going with this, but now I love how it's turned out.
There is a move among some of the more established scrappers to make more of their stuff from scratch,lol. My kits will always be made this way, in my own individual style.
Using soft shades of dusky pink, moody mauves and silver greys, I have put lots of textures in this kit, to give pretty satiny effects but a distinctively grungy feel. I also made some of those glass shapes filled with glitter and bubbles, which eveyone loves at the moment. Perhaps just what you need for some of your pretty but gothy Zindy tubes, lol!
The kit is packed with elements that are impossible to show properly in the preview, so I'm listing the contents here. I have also made the papers a little larger, at 700x700 pixels.
You can purchase it at Digital Chaos now for just $3.00
Oh yes I almost forgot ;), there's a freebie add-on for you all on the way☺
Hugs Kathy xxx

31 elements in .png format
2 satin bows
3 soft bows
1 jewelled bracelet
3 doodles
8 frames
3 bubble-filled glass hearts
3 glitter-filled glass stars
3 glass brads
3 stapled ribbon curls
1 rose wreath
1 silver-set gemstone

12 papers 700x700 pixels in .jpg format


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cats go Walkies!

For any of you who are cat lovers, I thought you might like to see these pics I took the other day,lol. Just click on the thumbnail to see my album, it's best watched as a slideshow.
Yep I went for a walk and the cats decided to come along too. This isthe first time any of them have gone past the fence into the field, let alone all of them together. The looks on their faces are priceless!! Ziggy is the little black and white one, and Ash the grey and white. Enjoy!!☺☺☺
Hugs xxx

The Adventures of Tizzy, Ziggy and Ash. 2008 05 07

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gothic Envy Add-On Freebie

As promised , here is your freebie add-on for Gothic Envy. It is now at Digital Chaos, enjoy!! Don't miss the awesome new kit and add-on by Yarrow, 'Rock Devil' while you're there.

I am very pleased to report that the blog that shared my 4shared link for my kit, and was also sharing the paid kits of Kay Miller and others, has now gone!! Nice work ladies ;) I have therefore given you a 4 shared link as well for the first few days, but it will always be available at the store.
Hugs xxx

Download HERE


Friday, 9 May 2008

New Kit and Update information

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have downloaded my kits, the response to 'Almost Pretty in Pink' is awesome. Although lots of people downloaded, as they do, without a word of thanks, I also had lots of fabulous comments on my blog and on 4shared, it has been quite an emotional experience,lol.

However, someone took it on themselves to share my 4shared link on their blog, and I would like to thank the person who alerted me to this. I had to change my 4 shared link, so you can only download via my blog.

My new kit is ready and uploaded. It's called 'Gothic Envy', and is in sumptuous deep shades of blue and green. Mostly of an elegant gothic style , there are also some fun elements, so you can use the kit for many creations. I didn't start making kits to show everyone how good I am at using Photoshop actions, that's not my kinda thing, but to create from scratch wherever possible, to produce something unique and individual, and a little different. I make my kits using PSPX and Plug-Ins plus a good handful of imagination!

There are 31 elements in .png format and 12 papers 600x600 in .jpg format and the kit is available to purchase at Digital Chaos

for $3.00, which I'm sure you'll agree is a modest price to pay for unique designs. Digital Chaos is a new store where you will find lots more modestly priced kits, freebies, and resources with many more being added all the time!!

Please note that in future all my freebies will be posted at the store instead of at 4shared. You will have to register at the store to obtain them, and 'buy' them, but you will not be charged.

So, here is the preview to my kit, it's hard to show all the elements, it's packed with great frames, doodles, jewellery, etc... and please keep checking back here as I have a freebie add-on to this kit on the way for you, in the next day or two!!!!

Hugs xx


Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tag Break!

I realised this evening I hadn't yet made any tags with my own scrap, so I just put that right with a lil pre-bedtime PSPing, and thought I may as well share it with you. Not bad I guess, hope you have as much fun with my kits, I would love to see what you create or if you use it for a tut please let me know!