Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Back Up and Running!!

Would you believe it, the day after I started to set this up, Blogger suspended it. Apparently their robot thought I was a spammer and violating their terms of sevice, lmao. I can assure you that me and Tizzy are both very real!! When Tizzy found out, her reaction to it??? 'Hissssssssss' lmao!!
I have some photos to upload and hopefully in the next few days I will have my first ever Taggers Scrapkit available for anyone who likes it!! Free of course,lol!!
The weather here in England is not at all like Spring, it's cold wet, windy and miserable, although the Spring flowers are brave enough to pop out. Spring is my favourite season, I love the freshness and all the baby animals and birds. My photographic skills aren't up to bird pics, but I hope to capture
some of the trees and beautiful flowers .
Here is one of my latest tags:


Friday, 21 March 2008

Well I went and did it!!

Just in case anyone finds me here, I don't know where this is headed, but as you can see, Tizzy made me do it!! Tizzy is one of my precious rescue cats, and rules the roost here,lol!!
I am happy to be slightly wacky. I make Signature Tags in Paint Shop Pro, I'm dabbling a little in digiscrapping, and love to take photographs of nature although I wouldn't say I'm a photographer,lol. I just just try to capture the magic of some of the things I see in the beautiful countryside near my home and share them with my friends, so I will share some here, I'm just finding my way around here at the moment , so I'll sign off for now!!
Please say Hi if you pop in!!