Friday, 5 September 2008

New Taggers Kit 'Gothik Vampyre' and AddOn Freebie!

I haven't been in a position to do much scrapping and PSP since my cat Ash was badly savaged by a vicious dog at the end of June. Thanks to the prayers, healing vibes etc. from all over the world Ash has made an amazing recovery.
However I have had an unbelievable ongoing nightmare with the people who failed to keep the animal under control, the Police have been a complete waste of space, it seems they would rather side with lying drinking drugging criminals than good honest folks these days. I have been very unwell as a result of all this, and have the extra worry of having to find the money for a huge vets bill etc. etc. but I've hung on, sometimes by a very fine thread, and am now working with the housing association to get these monsters and their dog evicted, and it's looking good ;) I haven't given up trying to get them to pay up either!!!
My new kit is called Gothik Vampyre, I loved making it, and it's a mixture of Gothic elegance and some real fun dark-humoured stuff, and I think you'll find that the gold I've add to the the usual red and black Goth theme will blend beautifully with your Autumn/Fall/ Halloween tags. Hope you like it and get lots of use from it. As usual no actions or scripts were used, and a little of my own photography is included in the papers. I turned a recess on an outside wall of a Cathedral (better not say which one,lmao) into a spooky gothic vault, hehe!!
I have made an AddOn Freebie for your tagging pleasure, you can download it from Digital Chaos, or from 4 shared , link below with preview, plz leave some love when you download.
pssssst !!!!! It's worth going to Digital Chaos to download it, new freebies and PTU kits from the other designers are being added all the time!!!

The full kit is available to purchase from DIGITAL CHAOS
for only $3.50 and is packed with all this:

16 papers 800x800 pixels in .jpg format

34 elements in .png format

1 double black rose
2x single roses
2x spiked bat brads
2x bloodstained aged scrolls
3x satin bows
1 chained heart
1 wingedheart
3x stone crosses
3x skullwreath crosses
2x doodles, spiders and bone-crosses
2x satin drapes
2x spider webs
2x pearlbrooches
1 coffin frame
2x round bat frames
2x leather and pearl frames
3x wrought iron corner swirls

All made in PSP X2, no scripts or actions used. Please remember to read and respect my TOU, thanks!!
Hugs Kathy xxx


and here is the Freebie, enjoy!!
Download HERE


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Floral Forest Fantasy AddOn freebie!

Here is the AddOn I promised you for my new kit, I hope you like it and enjoy using it! I am totally overwhelmed by the number of downloads for my Moonlight Night AddOn, it is now over 2000, and that doesn't include downloads from the store. Thank you all so much, especially to those of you who have left some lovely comments but it would be really appreciated if more of you could take the time to say thanks, either on my 4 shared or my blog. Is it too much to ask????
My work is unique and original, and I am giving it away or charging a very low price, so a few words are in order, its simply good manners. Thank-You!!

Download HERE


Thursday, 17 July 2008

New Kit - Floral Forest Fantasy

Ok, here is my latest design, on sale at Digital Chaos for $3.50. It's packed with elements including many vector drawn from scratch by me, and was inspired by the beautiful colours I see peeping through the dappled shade in the woodland where I love to walk, near my home, where I find peace and serenity. I hope a little of the magick is passed on to you through my kit,lol. The colours blend well with lots of your favourite faery tubes!
Some of the papers and 2 frames include a little original photography by me,lol. otherwise it's all made in PSP X2 from scratch, with the help of a few of my favourite plug-ins.
There are 33 elements, not all shown in the preview, and 15 papers 800x800 pixels, and I made the elements large so they are more versatile for whatever you wish to use them for.
Just a little hint, to keep the textures in my kits as they appear at full size, it's best to resize using smartsize and only sharpen once when you have the size and placement you need ;)
I will have a freebie AddOn to this kit for you in the next day or two. Please remember to read and respect my amended TOU
Hugs and Thanks, Kathy xx


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I'm Back and with a Freebie!!☺

I'm so sorry I haven't had any new stuff recently for you, but my precious Ash, one of my cats, got badly savaged by a neighbour's dog and I haven't been up to much re making scrap. Happily Ash is making a great recovery thanks to the healing and prayers from all over the world, thank-you all so very much!

I have brand new PTU kit for you very very soon, and will be making an FreebieAddOn for that over the next few days.
Meanwhile I have made a little goodie for those of you who are into Astrology etc. It's a set of all 12 symbols in beautiful rainbow gel. I made them much bigger than the preview so they are more versatile, and I've thrown in a couple of papers for you too. Just what you need maybe for those Jessica Galbreth or Elias Chatzoudis zodiac tubes ;) Enjoy!!!
Love and hugs Kathy xxx

Download HERE


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

AddOn Freebie as promised!!

Despite my tiredness etc, I have kept going, and here, as promised, is the AddOn to my new kit, A Moonlit Night.
I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to pass my blog link and preview around to your groups and friends, all I ask is that you don't pass my 4shared link around, and that you respect my TOU!!
Hugs Kathy xxx
Download HERE


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

New Kit at last!!

At last I have a new kit for you, it's available for $3.50 at Digital Chaos
It's called a 'A Moonlit Night', and conjures up some of the beautiful colours and textures you see if you take a walk on a clear moonlit night. At first glance all seems dark, and slowly as your eyes adjust, you start to see the beautiful sky, the clouds and the stars, and the your surroundings take on a new, slightly ghostly appearance, full of sumptuous shades in deep hues.
The previews do not do justice at all to this kit, especially the papers, which range from elegant patterns to starlight skies... was that a witch I spotted??? and the occasional flash of lightning in the distance, bringing some bright tones. I made some moons for you too, and moonstone jewellery.
Hope you like it, as usual , it's made from scratch in PSP, taggers size, with elements in .png format, and papers in .jpg. There are 14 700x700 beautifully textured papers, and 35 elements.
I am still struggling with my health problems, and should have had an add-on freebie for you, but it is on the way very shortly, I hope!
Hugs Kathy xxx


Friday, 30 May 2008

Frames Freebie

Sorry things have been quiet here, My health hasn't been good again, but I'm back with a little freebie for you, and it's also a little taster of the flavour of my next kit!! ;)
If you haven't popped into Digital Chaos recently, there is lots of new stuff, including an awesome new kit, in 2 parts, by Yarrow☺.
Enjoy the freebie, and I hope to be back soon with my new kit,lol!
Hugs xxx
Download HERE


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I've been tagged!!

Ooh, isn't this exciting, hehe? I 've been tagged by Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps ☺ and Fi of Fi's Fault Scraps
thanks girls!!
Here is what you do if you've been tagged....

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK let's see ....
1. My long blonde hair is completely natural.
2. I used to ride a big (1200cc) motorcycle before I got sick.
3. I hated computers with a vengeance until just over 3 years ago,lol.
4. I believe in the power of Nature to heal and balance.
5. I accept it as a compliment if I'm told I'm weird, hehe!
6. I couldn't do anything arty until I discovered PSP 16 months ago.
7. I've had many careers including schoolteacher, research scientist, and pub landlady!!!

... and here are the great blogs I'm tagging back, I'll try not to get repeats, but I'm pretty new to Blogland!

1.Yarrow @ Fall3n AngelScrapz
2.CP @ Creations by Chaos Priestess
3. Bluey @ Blue Dream Designs
4. Rob @ Exquisite Designs Photos
5. Kirsty @ Kirsty's Box of Scraps
6. Lori @ Doodles from my Noodle
7. Shawna @ Scrap Stuff with PSP

Hugs Kathy xxx

Monday, 19 May 2008

Freebie AddOn for Satin Grunge

As promised here is a freebie for you, the AddOn to my new kit. I really had fun making this☺, I hope you enjoy using it just as much!!
The store will soon be back up and running at 100% for you to purchase the full kit ;) meanwhile you can grab this from 4shared. Please leave some love when you download, and please remember to share my blog link, not my 4shared link if you pass it on.
Hugs and thanks
Kathy xxx
Download HERE or HERE


♥New Kit ♥ - Satin Grunge

I have a great new kit for your tagging pleasure!! I wasn't sure where I was going with this, but now I love how it's turned out.
There is a move among some of the more established scrappers to make more of their stuff from scratch,lol. My kits will always be made this way, in my own individual style.
Using soft shades of dusky pink, moody mauves and silver greys, I have put lots of textures in this kit, to give pretty satiny effects but a distinctively grungy feel. I also made some of those glass shapes filled with glitter and bubbles, which eveyone loves at the moment. Perhaps just what you need for some of your pretty but gothy Zindy tubes, lol!
The kit is packed with elements that are impossible to show properly in the preview, so I'm listing the contents here. I have also made the papers a little larger, at 700x700 pixels.
You can purchase it at Digital Chaos now for just $3.00
Oh yes I almost forgot ;), there's a freebie add-on for you all on the way☺
Hugs Kathy xxx

31 elements in .png format
2 satin bows
3 soft bows
1 jewelled bracelet
3 doodles
8 frames
3 bubble-filled glass hearts
3 glitter-filled glass stars
3 glass brads
3 stapled ribbon curls
1 rose wreath
1 silver-set gemstone

12 papers 700x700 pixels in .jpg format


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cats go Walkies!

For any of you who are cat lovers, I thought you might like to see these pics I took the other day,lol. Just click on the thumbnail to see my album, it's best watched as a slideshow.
Yep I went for a walk and the cats decided to come along too. This isthe first time any of them have gone past the fence into the field, let alone all of them together. The looks on their faces are priceless!! Ziggy is the little black and white one, and Ash the grey and white. Enjoy!!☺☺☺
Hugs xxx

The Adventures of Tizzy, Ziggy and Ash. 2008 05 07

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gothic Envy Add-On Freebie

As promised , here is your freebie add-on for Gothic Envy. It is now at Digital Chaos, enjoy!! Don't miss the awesome new kit and add-on by Yarrow, 'Rock Devil' while you're there.

I am very pleased to report that the blog that shared my 4shared link for my kit, and was also sharing the paid kits of Kay Miller and others, has now gone!! Nice work ladies ;) I have therefore given you a 4 shared link as well for the first few days, but it will always be available at the store.
Hugs xxx

Download HERE


Friday, 9 May 2008

New Kit and Update information

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have downloaded my kits, the response to 'Almost Pretty in Pink' is awesome. Although lots of people downloaded, as they do, without a word of thanks, I also had lots of fabulous comments on my blog and on 4shared, it has been quite an emotional experience,lol.

However, someone took it on themselves to share my 4shared link on their blog, and I would like to thank the person who alerted me to this. I had to change my 4 shared link, so you can only download via my blog.

My new kit is ready and uploaded. It's called 'Gothic Envy', and is in sumptuous deep shades of blue and green. Mostly of an elegant gothic style , there are also some fun elements, so you can use the kit for many creations. I didn't start making kits to show everyone how good I am at using Photoshop actions, that's not my kinda thing, but to create from scratch wherever possible, to produce something unique and individual, and a little different. I make my kits using PSPX and Plug-Ins plus a good handful of imagination!

There are 31 elements in .png format and 12 papers 600x600 in .jpg format and the kit is available to purchase at Digital Chaos

for $3.00, which I'm sure you'll agree is a modest price to pay for unique designs. Digital Chaos is a new store where you will find lots more modestly priced kits, freebies, and resources with many more being added all the time!!

Please note that in future all my freebies will be posted at the store instead of at 4shared. You will have to register at the store to obtain them, and 'buy' them, but you will not be charged.

So, here is the preview to my kit, it's hard to show all the elements, it's packed with great frames, doodles, jewellery, etc... and please keep checking back here as I have a freebie add-on to this kit on the way for you, in the next day or two!!!!

Hugs xx


Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tag Break!

I realised this evening I hadn't yet made any tags with my own scrap, so I just put that right with a lil pre-bedtime PSPing, and thought I may as well share it with you. Not bad I guess, hope you have as much fun with my kits, I would love to see what you create or if you use it for a tut please let me know!


Monday, 28 April 2008

My 2nd kit for you 'Almost Pretty in Pink'

I think I'm getting the hang of this a little now, and am much happier with the preview for this one. I'm not a girly girl,lol, but I love the deep pinks, especially combined with black or grey, together with a grungy feel, and before I knew it, I had made another kit. Except for the bows, I have used no pre-made resources, it's all my own work, just using PSP and Plug-Ins, so I'm proud of that.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I'm so excited by the lovely comments left on 4shared for my first kit, thank-you all so much, I look forward to your feedback on this one!!
There are 20 elements and 8 papers in this kit, same format and size as the first, and I've made a separate preview for the papers so you can see them. Drop shadows only on the previews.
Download HERE or HERE



Sunday, 27 April 2008

At last, my First Scrapkit!!

I haven't quite got into posting regularly yet, and with health problems and real life getting in the way too, it's been some time, but I'm back.
This kit had been finished for some time but I hadn't got around to putting it all together and uploading to 4shared. My tastes in colour and themes are very varied, although I lean very heavily to all things grungy, gothy and mystic, hence this kit has a Celtic theme. I found it quite difficult to show off the elements properly in the preview as it's a dark kit, and some are much better when you download. Hope someone likes it, I have a second kit in the pipeline already, its a little more funky!
This is a taggers kit, papers are 600x 600 pixels and in jpg format, and elements and frames are in png format so it can be opened in all programs.
Please leave some love if you download, thanks for looking!

Download HERE or HERE


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Waiting for Spring!!

It seems as though we are never going to get Spring , the snow and cold weather are back again. I haven't been too well again also, so my debut Scrapkit is still incomplete, but I thought I'd just share a little freebie, it's a frame I intended for my Scrapkit. I love dark, grungy stuff and I made this from scratch. Please leave some love if you download, and I hope to have some more stuff ready soon, and to upload some of my photographs.

Download HERE


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Back Up and Running!!

Would you believe it, the day after I started to set this up, Blogger suspended it. Apparently their robot thought I was a spammer and violating their terms of sevice, lmao. I can assure you that me and Tizzy are both very real!! When Tizzy found out, her reaction to it??? 'Hissssssssss' lmao!!
I have some photos to upload and hopefully in the next few days I will have my first ever Taggers Scrapkit available for anyone who likes it!! Free of course,lol!!
The weather here in England is not at all like Spring, it's cold wet, windy and miserable, although the Spring flowers are brave enough to pop out. Spring is my favourite season, I love the freshness and all the baby animals and birds. My photographic skills aren't up to bird pics, but I hope to capture
some of the trees and beautiful flowers .
Here is one of my latest tags:


Friday, 21 March 2008

Well I went and did it!!

Just in case anyone finds me here, I don't know where this is headed, but as you can see, Tizzy made me do it!! Tizzy is one of my precious rescue cats, and rules the roost here,lol!!
I am happy to be slightly wacky. I make Signature Tags in Paint Shop Pro, I'm dabbling a little in digiscrapping, and love to take photographs of nature although I wouldn't say I'm a photographer,lol. I just just try to capture the magic of some of the things I see in the beautiful countryside near my home and share them with my friends, so I will share some here, I'm just finding my way around here at the moment , so I'll sign off for now!!
Please say Hi if you pop in!!